Policies - 2621 Kingman

2621 Kingman, Des Moines, IA 50311

These are some of the policies for our properties. Please consult your Rental Agreement and Rules and Obligations of Tenancy for a complete list of policies.

Rent Payments:

All rent is due on or before the first day of each month and can be paid with a money order or personal check through the mail, put in our drop slot in the front door of our office, or paid through the tenant portal. Cash payments should be made in person during normal business hours, and should not be mailed or put in the drop slot.

Any rent not received by the 4th of any month is subject to a $25.00 late fee. There is an additional $35.00 late fee imposed after the 10th, if any portion of your rent has not been received.

If you know your rent will be late, kindly contact our office as soon as possible to make arrangements for payment.


We welcome your spayed or neutered cat with an additional $200 deposit and an additional $10 per month rent. A short pet addendum to the rental agreement will be required. Dogs and rodents are not permitted on the premises at any time. Fish and some caged birds may be permitted with written permission from the landlord.


Any utilities paid by the resident should be set up directly with the appropriate company. Gas and electric service are provided by MidAmerican Energy, water service is provided by Des Moines Water Works.


A properly maintained gas grill may be stored and used on the premises Due to the high fire risk, charcoal grills are not allowed.

Cable / Satellite Television:

Cable television outlets are provided in each unit. In the unlikely event a unit does not have a cable outlet, the landlord will give permission for one to be installed. Satellite dishes may not be placed in any common area not specifically rented by the tenant (such as the yard or roof) and may not be installed in such a way that it damages any part of the premises.

Use of basement:

In this single family home, the City Code prohibits the basement being used as a bedroom.

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